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James Bond Trivia Quiz
Who was the first black woman to kick it under the sheets with 007?

In "Live And Let Die" Yaphet Kotto played both:

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"Top 10 movie cliches"

1. The Fruit Cart: In the movies, during a car chase scene, one car will always manage to hit a fruit cart, a newspaper stand, or a plate glass window.
2. The Classic Car: Classic cars in action movies will invariably get totaled -- usually into a fruit cart, a newspaper stand, or a plate glass window.
3. The Back Seat: When a woman gets into a car at night and starts fumbling around for the keys, start looking for the killer in the back seat.
4. The Buddy Movie: Two men (and lately more women), vow they'll have nothing to do with each other. Rest assured this will only last for about half the movie.
5. The Dead Bad Guy: A bad guy is never really dead if your watch says there's more movie left.
6. The Apartment: Characters with low paying jobs have $1,000,000 apartments and high fashion clothes. Go figure.
7. The Foot Chase: The hero/ine chasing the bad guy never sweats or ruins their hair.
8. The Shameless Plug: Brand name products used as a props always end up with their labels facing the audience.
9. The Dumb Parents: Parents in movies are never as smart as their kids.
10. The Dumb Bad Guy: Before the bad guy kills the hero, he always finds some reason for delaying the event. Which gives the hero enough time to make his escape.

"Top five good things about being a film critic"
(with apologies to David Letterman):

5. I get to keep all the Milk Duds and coinage I find on the floor.

4. I get to sit on the projectionist's lap and help change the reels.

3. Two words: Aisle Seats.

2. I get to drink directly from the tap of the Pepsi machine.

1. The projectionist hits the pause button while I run to the restroom.

"Truth Is Better Than Film"

  In Los Angeles, British actor Hugh Grant was busted by LA's finest while having sex with a prostitute in the front seat of a BMW. Grant emerged unscathed from the scandal, and his career has been on the rise ever since. Pretty strange when you think how Pee Wee Herman's career was flushed when he was just a one-man band in a Florida theater.

"Politically Incorrect"

  How would Mark Twain have put it? "Imagine you were and idiot, and imagine you were a senator from Kansas, but I repeat myself."
  While standing on the Republican Party's family values soap box, former Kansas senator and presidential hopeful Bob Dole "pearl harbored" Time Warner for contributing to the sex and violence in American movies. He also found time to knock hard-core rap music. The senator said the American film, music and television industries are flooding the country with nightmares of depravity.
  The only problem with Dole's onslaught is that, by his own admission, he's never seen the movies he was maligning, and has never listened to rap. Nor had the senator seen the movies, starring major Republican Party contributors, that he is recommending as wholesome family entertainment: True Lies and Die Hard with a Vengeance. In both films Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis murder someone at least every 15 minutes while cursing a blue streak that would embarrass the most hardened Marine.
  Industry critics constantly dump on films. We're allowed, because we've invested the time to watch them. Dole, on the other hand, has no ticket, no vcr, no dvd, and no clue.

  Remember the slick dialogue between Denzel Washington and a seamen about the comic book hero the Silver Surfer in Crimson Tide? That bit of dialogue was written by Pulp Fiction's edgy director Quentin Tarantino. But when Tarantino was dropped by the film company during production, Washington siezed upon the unfortunate moment to immediately confront the celebrated director for Tarantino's frequent use of the word "nigger" in flim's Reservoir Dogs  and Pulp Fiction. Not one to mince words, Washington very publicly berated an embarrassed red-faced Tarantino in front of Crimson's set and film crew.

"Quote, Unquote"

  Contrary to popular belief, in the motion picture Casablanca, Rick (Humphrey Bogart) never told, Sam (Dooley Wilson) to play it again.

  "I don't receive any money from Star Wars everytime it's released. I was not an actor. I was a special effect." --- James Earl Jones

  "A couple of my dancer friends helped me out. One of them is very good with motion and body positioning. She gave me little pointers. I would stay in my apartment and practice. We have big tall windows, and the closest building to the one I was staying in was 1,000 feet away, and I could see into their apartments. I don't know if they could see into mine, but if they did, they got a hell of a show." --Wesley Snipes practicing for his drag queen role inTo Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.

  "People come up to me and say, 'I like your work.' Not, 'I like you.' And that's very important to me." -- Samuel L. Jackson

  "There are those who are committed to truth and want to remember history who will hail Cry, The Beloved Country  as an accurate reflection of what used to happen, and the painful era through which we have moved out." -- President Nelson Mandela

  "White Man's Burden  is about people recognizing that differences are important, and that one should not be distant just because we have differences." -- Harry Belafonte

  "I want to make the world safe for black sci-fi." -- Reggie Hudlin

"Black Bond trivia"

  Bernie Casey is the only black actor to play a lead role as a good guy in a James Bond Film. He played Bond's CIA buddy Felix Leiter in Never Say, Never, Again.
  By the same token, Yaphet Kotto is the only black actor to play a lead role as a bad guy in a James Bond Film. He played Bond's enemy Mr. Big in Live And Let Die. Oh, I'm sorry. I stand corrected. Remember Grace Jones played May Day in A View To A Kill?