A guide to black films, reviews and resources.

Who's Who


Time Warner Studios:
     Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Fine Line Features,
     Turner Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Fine Line Features (New Line's in-house classic

Viacom Studios:
     Paramount, Spelling Entertainment,

Sony Studios:
     Columbia Pictures, Tristar, Triumph Films, Sony Pictures Classics,

News Corporation (Rupert Murdoch) Studios:
     20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight (in-house classics division for 20th Century Fox),
     Fox 2000, Fox Family Films,

MCA Studios:

Disney Studios:
     Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Buena Vista,
     Miramax (Disney's classics division), Dimension Films,

PolyGram Studios:
     PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, Gramercy (Polygram's classics division),

MGM-UA Studios:
     Metro Goldwyn Mayer, United Artists,

Dreamworks SKG Studios:
     Dreamworks (Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg)

Universal MCA Studios:
     Universal, October Films (Universal's classics division),

Artisan Entertainment Studios:
     Used to be Live Entertainment.


Buena Vista International UK:
     Distributor of Disney Group films

Sony Pictures Entertainment UK:
     Columbia, Tristar

Twentieth Century Fox UK:
     Distributor of films for Twentieth Century Fox,

United International Pictures UK/Australasia:
     Distributor of films for Paramount, Universal, MGM-UA,