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     Paramount (1 hr. 40 min.)
     A vampire searches Brooklyn for the only woman in the world who shares his blood bond.
     Eddie Murphy, Angela Bassett, Kadeem Hardison
Bottom Line:


     Eddie Murphy stars as Maximillian, the last member of a race of vampires, who travels to New York on a dilapidated ship chockfull of ripe smelling corpses, in search of a vampiress (Angela Bassett), who doesn't know she has blood ties to the undead.
     Vampire In Brooklyn  is an offbeat horror/comedy that at times has the audience wondering whether they should laugh, or be grossed out.
     The film opens as Murphy saves Kadeem Hardison from being killed by loan sharks. However, Murphy has his own plans for Hardison--he turns Hardison into his personal ghoul. Hardison is Murphy's eyes in the day time, as they hunt down Bassett whose father, that she never knew, was a vampire. The only catch is, Bassett is a New York City police officer, who is investigating a string of gross murders that Murphy is responsible for. Plus, Murphy just can't put Bassett under his spell, she has to freely surrender her emotions to him.
     Even though Vampire In Brooklyn  is a comedy, it is directed by Nightmare On Elm Streets'  Wes Craven. So be warned: you literally see people being torn limb from limb. And Hardison's character literally falls apart at the seams. Craven makes no attempt to soften these images.
     Murphy gets the chance to show off his honed Saturday Night Live comic characterizations as a minister preaching a sermon: Evil Is Good. And he plays a funny stick-up man.
     Vampire In Brooklyn  is not a great movie, but it's good enough to be entertainment.



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