Movie Reviews: Two Can Play That Game




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     Columbia (1 hr. 30 min.)
     A woman who knows about men and relationships finds herself having her own man trouble.
     Vivica A. Fox, Morris Chestnut
Bottom Line:


It would be easy to take pot shots at "Two Can Play That Game, " with its fluffy by-the-numbers love plot and an sappy ending which any casual filmgoer or novice can see coming a mile away two minutes into the film. However, despite its constant blue language punctuated by penis jokes, "Two Can Play That Game," garners plenty of guilty chuckles – probably because we’ve all had relationships where we’ve played games.

The film’s premise follows successful business women Shante (Vivica A. Fox) who catches her boyfriend Keith (Morris Chestnut) seeing another girl. She decides to implement a 10-day plan to keep Keith in line and win him back for good. However, Keith doesn't fall for Shante's game so easily, and decides to play a little game of his own.

The pair go back and forth running a romantic feminist and machismo play book trying to get the upper hand and make the other jealous enough to come back crawling and begging. Fox and Chestnut are bright and sexy enough to hold the interest of both genders, and provide enough laughs to make this a familiar guilty pleasure



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