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     Universal (1 hr. 34 min.)
     Three New York City drag queens travel cross-country and end up in a small rual mid-west town.
     Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, John Leguizamo
Bottom Line:


     Okay, so how do Wesley Snipes and Patrick Swayze look in a dress? Well, you get use to it because they're in drag throughout the entire movie. However, John Leguizamo seems to be a natural.
     The story begins as Snipes and Swayze, having just won a trip to Hollywood, via a New York City drag queen contest, take a waif (Leguizamo), who has always dreamed of winning the drag queen contest, under their wings. Swayze suggests that they all travel cross-country to give himself and Snipes time to teach Leguizamo how to be a real drag queen--not just a boy wearing a dress.
     Of course a movie like this wouldn't amount to much if the car, an old Cadillac jalopy, didn't break down along the way. The trio get stuck in a small town for the weekend while their car is being repaired. So the big question is, how long can they fool the residents into thinking they're women. The answer is, the town folks don't care whether they're men in drag or not. And that's the film's underlining joke.
     Wong Foo  never turns into Mrs. Doubtfire  or Some Like It Hot  where the hero is exposed at the end, then still gets the girl. These guys are the girls, and the locals welcome them--with the exception of a sheriff who puts his hand under Swayze's dress and gets a surprise.
     The trio become the answer for many of the local's social problems, i.e. they help an abused wife, an older woman who hasn't talked in years, they find a theme for the town's annual picnic, and help a young girl find true romance.
     Snipes, Swayze, and Leguizamo's performances are funny and wonderfully over-the- top which basically makes an otherwise lame plot work.



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