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     Screen Gems (1 hr. 46 min.)
     All the couples are back for a wedding in Las Vegas, but plans for a romantic weekend go awry.
     Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Romany Malco, Terrence Jenkins, Jennifer Lewis, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Meagan Good, Taraji Henson, Adam Brody
Bottom Line:

J.R. Johnson

After becoming one of the more surprising breakout films two years ago, the “Think Like a Man” ensemble has come together once more in hopes of rekindling that same spark. Sequels are usually the roughest part in an ongoing story. They can come to a dead end, or open another door for the series to continue. Either way, lessons are learned. “With Think Like a Man Too” many of those lessons are learned the hard way.

“Think Like a Man Too” doesn’t pick up where the original left off, but it brings everyone up to speed pretty quickly. Instead of chasing after love, it’s already here. While the couples of the first “Think Like a Man” are still establishing their relationships and figuring out where to go, one of them has already decided to take the plunge and get married. So it’s time to bring the gang back together for a wedding in Las Vegas. But as most things in Vegas go, the romantic weekend plan falls into a chaotic spiral.

Since this is Vegas we’re talking about, it’s not hard to imagine that ridiculousness will commence in a matter of time. With all of the movies following the “Hangover” formula and clichéd adventures that happen in Sin City, it’s hard to find anything that hasn’t been done already. Drinking, drugs, gambling and the taboo allure of the many erotic things Vegas has to offer. “Think Like a Man Too” falls into most of these same tropes. Many of the developments in the film either come off a stale and clichéd with a decent tweak or two, just enough to make it work or seem bearable. If it wasn’t for the unique collection of actors on board, the film would have been hard to look at with fresh eyes.

While the group of actors maintain the same liveliness and comedic chemistry in their second film together, Kevin Hart still serves as the spearhead and plot driving device, much more so than in “Think Like a Man.” Hart is his element, and brings his A-game to anything that needs a laugh. Still, some of the character’s get less screen time and smaller story arcs that differ from the more balanced narratives in the film’s predecessor, the vibe established in the first film is set in stone. Unfortunately, the several storylines that are spider-webbed throughout the movie have a rushed feeling. They feel shoehorned in and it results with a weak conclusion or just fat that could’ve been trimmed.

“Think Like a Man Too” definitely learned something from its predecessor – it just didn’t want to learn anything new. Instead of building and developing something that might have pulled off a summer-surprise a cookie-cutter was laid out and it plopped the same ol’ story on a new plate.

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