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(2002, Columbia (1 hr. 58 min.), "R," $20.96)
Release date: June 10, 2003
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     Columbia (1 hr. 58 min.)
     A Navy SEAL unit is sent into war-torn central Africa to rescue a U.S. Citizen who runs a mission.
     Bruce Willis, Monica Bellucci, Cole Hauser, Fionnula Flanagan
Bottom Line:


I haven’t quite decided why I was rather disappointed with "Tears of the Sun," a cliché riddled war movie about a Navy SEAL unit abandoned in Nigeria and having to fight their way through hundreds of machete wielding guerrillas outfitted in green khakis and crimson berets.

It wasn’t necessarily the clichés that disappointed me, because you expect those little buggers in a "this time we win" genre film. I think my disappointment stems from seeing the ultimate bush war movie "The Wild Geese" (’78) years earlier. Plus, the events unfolding in the Gulf region nightly on CNN might have given my critic’s senses combat overdose.

Overdose or not, Bruce Willis stars as Lt. A.K. Waters, a hard-bitten Rambo type warrior who for the first time in his career listens to his conscience instead of his commanding officer (Tom Skerritt). Waters is ordered to extract a U.S. doctor from the path of maraudering Nigerian rebels bend on ethnic cleansing.

However, the doctor (Monica Bellucci) refuses to leave the village unless she can take as many of the villagers with her who want to leave. With rebel forces closing in, Waters agrees knowing that he’s going to leave the villagers in the jungle when the helicopters arrive. He has a change of heart during the airlift and places the children and the injured on the transports, and wait for the next round of helicopters.

Of course they never arrive thanks to bureaucratic posturing, so Waters, the doctor and his small unit have to hike out of the jungle with a platoon of Nigerian guerrillas hot on their heels.
Although "Tears of the Sun" is finely crafted and expertly edited, director Antoine Fuquq ("Training Day") might have been a better movie had it just been an "balls out action flick." Instead, there’s parts where it gets bogged down its own self-posturing and pretensions.

(2002, Columbia (1 hr. 58 min.), "R," $20.96)
Release date: June 10, 2003
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The DVD Includes:
o Encoding: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.) Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby
o Commentary by director Antoine Fuqua
o Theatrical trailer(s)
o Writer's observations
o Journey to Safety: Making Tears of the Sun
o Voices of Africa
o Deleted scenes
o Africa fact track
o Interactive map of Africa
o Widescreen anamorphic format
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