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     A Bronx neighborhood begans to unraval during the 1977 Son Of Sam killing spree.
     John Leguizamo, Adrien Brody, Mira Sorvino, Jennifer Esposito
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     In a film that's more art and cinematography than plot, Spike Lee's Summer Of Sam chronicles David Berkowitz's (The Son Of Sam) killing spree and its affects in the Bronx.
     John Leguizamo and Adrien Brody play Vinny and Richie two boyhood friends from the Bronx where you're expected to marry the girls in the neighborhood, never venture out, and keep the same closed-mined world view. Vinny stays in the Bronx. But Ritchie leaves the neighborhood for over a year and is seduced by the punk rock scene. When Richie returns to the Bronx, he refuses to conform to the norm of his tough neighborhood. Richie's return also coincides with the appearance of the Son Of Sam. Vinny tries to stay loyal to Richie as the other guys in the neighborhood began suspecting the punk-rocker of being the deadly Son Of Sam killer. Finally Vinny has to choose between his friendship with Richie or his acceptance in the neighborhood.
     Summer of Sam has some chilling scenes of Berkowitz's .44 caliber murders and Lee does an excellent job of recreating the '70s era through images and music. However, many of the sex scenes are just thrown in as filler to detract from the fact little story development is going on. Lee's art direction and lighting, although impressive, seems more like "Hey, look what I can do," rather than a tool to advance the plot.



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