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     Showtime (1 hr. 37 min.)
     An embittered Jewish deli owner befriends an African-American youth.
     Peter Falk, Andrew McCarthy, Ruby Dee
Bottom Line:


     Columbo's Peter Falk stars as Abel Shaddick, an aging upstate New York deli owner, who volunteers to mentor a precocious 9-year-old inner-city youth for two weeks in the Showtime original A Storm In Summer -- a bitter-sweet drama written by "Twilight Zone" author Rod Serling.
     A Storm In Summer's drama hinges on Shaddick's ability to show Herman D. Washington (Aaron Meeks) an enjoyable two weeks after the youth is dumped by Shaddick's deadbeat nephew, Stanley (Andrew McCarthy) -- who had signed up to sponsor a child from Harlem at a socialite's party. At first, Shaddick informs the program's organizers that he won't be participating in the youth program, because his nephew left town. But after Washington arrives, it isn't long before Shaddick is won over by the youth's tough demeanor.
     A Storm In Summer has several great moments of humanity as the two cultures and generations come together. The film doesn't let the audience get too comfortable with its pleasant moments as Washington and Shaddick's worlds quickly reminds us of their diversities. However, the pair's unlikely friendship helps them both come to terms with life.



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