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    Paramount (1 hr. 43 min.)
     The Enterprise crew disobeys Starfleet orders and defends a race of people who have discovered the Fountain Of Youth.
     Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn
Bottom Line:


      If you haven't yet figured out how Star Trek movies work, they work like this. All the even number films (Star Trek II, IV, VI and VIII) have great action sequences, characterizations and plot lines. The odd number films (Star Trek I, III, V and VII) are known to have thin plots, lame villians and suck rather severely.
     Star Trek (Nine) Insurrection  is no exception to the odd number formula. In a plot that's weaker than the gold on a weekend wedding band, the starship Enterprise is once again dispatched on a peaceful mission. This time it's to the primitive planet Ba'ku with its 300 year-old residents, who just happen to look great for their age. Upon arrival, Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) discovers that Data (Brent Spiner) has been damaged by phaser fire and has apparently blown a gasket whilst defending the planet's 600 residents from Starfleet bigwigs.
     Starfleet has discovered the Ba'ku residents owe their longevity to the planet's atmosphere of age-reversing radiation and several well-meaning Admirals decide to move the Ba'ku and keep the youthful planet for more important types -- like themselves. The Enterprise crew must decide whether to follow their questionable Starfleet orders or join with Data and uphold the Federation's own Prime Directive (not to interfere with the natural development of other civilizations).
     There are a few treasured moments in the film, such as Worf (Michael Dorn )
reverting back to Klingon adolescence while developing a rather severe case of acne and raging hormones, Capt. Picard finding a love interest, Data still discovering his humanity and delivering one-liners like, "Lock and load," and Geordi (LeVar Burton) losing his computer aided sensors as he regains his eyesight. On the whole, though, Insurrection is a standard by-the-numbers, predicable, tip-toe-through-the-galaxy Star Trek motion picture.
     Hey, isn't it time for another Kirk and Spock revival?



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