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     A divine twist of fate causes Constance Rivers and her son Douglas to open their hearts to ex-convict, Benjamin Sparks. While on the brink of losing her battle with kidney failure, Constance’s near death confession instantly collides her past with her present.
     Michael Jai White, Lynn Whitfield, Nadine Ellis, Byron Minns, Clifton Powell
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Laurence Washington

Michael Jai White and Buron Mings play fraternal twins (Douglas, a successful restaurant owner, and Benjamin an ex-convict) who were separated at birth and then reunited by a twist of fate in “Somebody’s Child” which premiere’s Aug. 25, 7 p.m. est. on the GMC cable network.

NAACP Image Award winner Lynn Whitfield plays Douglas’ kind-hearted mother Constance, who is suffering from kidney failure with no donor in sight. Constance can’t help noticing, after every visit to her doctor’s office, a polite hard-working hospital custodian named Benjamin – a work release convict. Constance asks Douglas to offer Benjamin a job at his restaurant when Benjamin is released in a few weeks.

Believing in second chances, Douglas hires Benjamin who quickly bonds with Douglas, his son and Constance. Through a series of events Douglas and Benjamin eventually learn they are fraternal twins who were separated at birth 37 years ago. With Constance’s life hanging in the balance, Douglas and Benjamin have to reconcile the fact that one is losing a loving mother whom he’s known all his life, and the other is losing a mother he’s come to know and love in a few short weeks.

“Somebody’s Child” is terrific family fare, that admittedly can be predictable and overdramatic in parts, but it’s allowed. The story’s message underlines faith, hope, second chances, forgiveness and divine intervention. It’s an excellent made-for-cable movie to sit down to watch with the family, which (hopefully) we will soon see on DVD.

“Somebody’s Child” Encore Presentations:
Aug. 25 (9 & 11 p. m.)
Aug. 26 (7, 9 and 11 p.m.
Sept. 10 (9 p.m.)
All times are EST.



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