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      Disney (1 hr. 37 min.)
     A Miami dentist travels to Alaska and becomes a dog sled racer.
     Cuba Gooding Jr, James Coburn, Sisqo, Graham Greene, Brian Doyle Murray
Bottom Line:


Fast-talking ''Jerry Maguire'' Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. plays Theodore Brooks, a Miami dentist who travels to a remote Alaskan town to collect an inheritance. However, instead of collecting money, Brooks spends most of his time slipping on ice and chasing malamutes in this featherweight comedy farce modeled after the ‘60s and ‘70s live-action Disney features.

Brooks discovers that he’s adopted, and that his birth parents were sled dog racers. As it tuns out, Brooks’ birth mother left him a dog team instead of money. To cut to the chase (pardon the pun), Brooks decides that he’s going to keep up the family tradition and become a sled dog racer too.

Bottom line, "Snow Dogs" provides a few chuckles as the dogs, enhanced by digital manipulation, wink, smile and talk. However, Gooding’s acting talents are totally wasted in this film proving the only thing worse than a talking dog in a Disney flick, is a talking man.



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