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    New Line Cinema (2 hr. 10 min.)
    A Two detectives hunt a killer obsessed with the seven deadly sins.
     Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Richard "Shaft" Roundtree
Bottom Line:


     David Caruso, of Denver's Urban Spectrum newspaper, said it best, "Seven's filmakers take you to hell, and leave you there." He's right. Seven  is a rough picture.
     Oscar nominee Morgan Freeman plays a burnt-out police veteran, and heart-throb Brad Pitt plays a hot shot detective, both hunting a serial killer in this buddy cop picture that turns out not to be a typical buddy cop picture.
     Seven is a thrilling, duck under your seat movie, because of the gross murders that rival any slasher film to date. This dark and captivating film opens as Freeman has a week left on the job, so he's ordered to break-in a new partner, played by Brad Pitt. While investigating a couple of related murders, Freeman and Pitt discover they may have been committed by a serial killer illustrating the seven deadly sins. The first murder represents gluttony: an obese man is fed until his stomach bursts. The second, greed: a lawyer is forced to slice off a pound of his own flesh and bleed to death.
     When Freeman and Pitt begin to close in, the killer begins to play mind games with them as the murders become even more ghastly.
     This film is not for everybody, and certainly not for the squeamish. The perform- ances and screenplay are so involving and intense, the director could have cut down on the film's grossness without any loss in audiance appreciation.



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