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    Dimension Films (90 min.)
    The Wayans brothers satirize popular teen movies.
    Jon Abrahams, Carmen Electra, Regina Hall, Shawn and Marlon Wayans
Bottom Line:


   Usually anyone who goes to a slasher/horror movie deserves exactly what's coming to them. A lame 90-minute formula plot littered with cliches, bad acting and quarts of fake blood spewing from sex-starved teens who've been hacked to death with a butcher knife wielding ex-hockey player.
   Did I say usually?
   Scary Movie, the no-holds barred parody on slasher films might be the exception.
   Here's a warning. The humor in Scary Movie is disgusting. But that's no surprise with the Wayans brothers at helm.
   If you remember their television show "In Living Color," the writers had little respect for sacred cows which, by the stroke of their pens, they turned into a better grade of hamburger.
   Directed by older brother Keenen and written by Shawn and Marlon, Scary Movie follows a group of misguided clueless teens named Buffy, Brenda, Bobby, Greg and Shorty - played by 20-30 year old actors - who discover there's a killer among them.
   Just because something is a cliché and you play it as a cliché doesn't make it funny.
Using classic scenes from popular films like The Matrix, The Sixth Sense, The Blair Witch Project and Scream the Wayans take a swipe at American pop-culture from teen movie cliches to current beer commercials.
   Scary Movie spoofs the all-to-familiar moments that most movie goers are tried of seeing in horror films - the women alone in the house and the killer lurking nearby.
Keenen Wayans does do an excellent job of directing the traffic so no one gets tangled in the storyline.
   Geared for the teenage audience, Scary Movie's bathroom humor could turn off a few movie goers. But then again, anyone who goes to see a Wayans brother's movie deserves exactly what they get.


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