Movie Reviews: Romeo Must Die




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     Warner (1hr. 50 min.)
     Two star-crossed lovers are kept apart by their rival crime families a la Romeo and Juliet. But fear not, this 21st century Romeo, who falls in love with the daughter of an enemy boss in the course of avenging his brother's death, comes equipped with the GI Joe "Kung-Fu Grip."
     Jet Li, Isaiah Washington, Aaliyah, Delroy Lindo
Bottom Line:


    Forget about Shakespeare. Forget about Sir Issac Newton. The writers of this movie obviously did. Hong Kong action star Jet Li and R & B singer Aaliyah star in this urban/action drama where love, romance and a heart pounding hip-hop score can make a young man do sideways pinwheel spins kicks and physics-defying acrobatics as he kicks the bad guys apart. Love has that affect on people.
     Lethal Weapon 4's Jet Li stars as an ex-cop imprisoned in a Hong Kong jail who finds out his younger brother has been killed in a Asian African-American gang war to control Oakland's waterfront. Li makes his way to America to avenge his brother's death and becomes a target of both warring fractions who, although they out number him, don't stand a chance from as Roger Ebert put it, "What foot through yonder window breaks?"



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