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     Comedy Central/Paramount Studio/20th Century Fox (1 hr., 24 minutes)
     The cast of Comedy Central’s "Reno 911!" hit the road for a police convention in Miami, where a bioterrorist attack leaves these less-than-polished cops in charge of the entire city.
     Thomas Lennon, Ben Garant, Kerry Kenney, Patton Oswalt. With guest appearances by Danny DeVito and The Rock
Bottom Line:

Sara Whitney

The slapstick "Cops" spoof show "Reno 911!" is in its fourth season on Comedy Central, and the Reno Sherriff’s Department has decided to hit the road. The department has (finally) received an invitation to attend a national police convention in Miami, where they plan to check out the guns, mingle with more prestigious officers and soak up the sun. Unfortunately, the department’s convention reservations are nowhere to be found, and they’re left to find accommodations in a seedier part of town.

When they return to the convention center, however, a massive bioterrorist attack has left more than 2,000 officers quarantined inside the building, including the entire Miami Police Department. So Lieutenant Dangle and his six-member, rag-tag crew don Miami police uniforms and, with a bit of quick sewing, are dressed and ready to serve and protect the city. Oh, by the way, they also have to try to find the vaccine for the quarantined officers.

This makes a tall order for the seven out-of-town officers in "Reno 911! Miami," a movie that, like its TV parent show, is filled with clichéd lines and almost entirely visual situational comedy. Despite its original appearance, the movie turns out to be a relatively fun, if predictable, ride through botched policing and accidental heroism, though the heavily improvisation-laced film seems to sometimes suffocate in its dependence on improv instead of scripted lines. Still, it’s worth a laugh or two, but one viewing will likely be enough.



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