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     (Dimension Films) (2 hr.)
     An ex-convict assumes the identity of his cell mate.
     Ben Affleck, Gary Sinise, Charlize Theron, Clarence Williams III
Bottom Line:


     After his release from prison, Rudy Duncan (Ben Affleck) is mistaken for his prison friend Nick (James Frain) by a beautiful girl named Ashley (Charlize Theron). She was Nick's pen pal but the two never met. Duncan instantly hits it off with Ashley and afraid he'll lose her, doesn't tell her the real Nick is recently murdered.
     As Duncan falls in love with Ashley, he wonders what a woman like her would want with an ex-con like Nick. But it doesn't take Duncan long to find out when Ashley's big brother Gabriel (Gary Sinise) shows up with his enforcer friend Merlin (Clarence Williams III) demanding Duncan help them rob the casino where Nick used to work before he went to jail.
     As a way out of heist, Duncan tries to convince Gabriel that he assumed Nick's identity, but Gabriel doesn't believe him.
     In the tradition of a Hitchcock thriller where the wrongly accused man is just footsteps ahead of the bad guys, Reindeer Games is a sexy often dangerous slippery two hour roller coaster ride.



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