Movie Reviews: Outbreak




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     Warner Bros. (2 hrs. 10 min.)
     A deadly tropical virus invades the United States.
     Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo
Bottom Line:


     Hoffman plays a disease control Army officer who after investigating a deadly African super virus, returns to the U.S. to discover another equally deadly African virus called Motaba has arrived in a small California town.
     Hoffman is ordered by his superior officer, Morgan Freeman, to let the Army and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, headed by Hoffman's ex-wife (Rene Russo), handle Motaba. Of course Hoffman disobeys orders (or there wouldn't be a movie), and discovers a cover up. Motaba is a manmade virus, and years ago, the Army fire-bombed a African village to stop it.
     Hoffman races against the clock to find a cure before the Army once again uses the fire-bomb solution on the town to wipe out all traces of Motaba, and the town's people.
     Outbreak  is a suspenseful movie where the last act becomes a traditional action picture with a helicopter battle to stop the bombing. I guess that's okay.
     One of the more interesting parts of the film, is when we're taken on a tour of the micro lab where the government experiments with germ warfare.



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