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     Warner Bros. (2 hr. 7 min.)
     Less than 24 hours into his parole, a charismatic thief plans to knock off three Las Vegas casinos in one night.
     George Clooney, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Don Cheadle, Elliott Gould, Bernie Mac
Bottom Line:


Fans of the original "Ocean’s Eleven" (the first of the four Rat Pack films) will probably wonder why Hollywood is offering yet another remake of an established classic. And they’ll probably think "why go?" because it won’t be as good as the original.

We’ll the first question is a mystery that has haunted film critics for decades. The latter - now that’s another story.

The original "Ocean’s Eleven" wasn’t a very good film in the first place. What made the film so enduring was its stellar cast of entertainment legends Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. who in their day boasted high-power show-biz chic and glitz.

The new ensemble featuring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, and Don Cheadle reads like a list of poster boys for pop-culture magazine covers like People, RollingStone and Entertainment Weekly.

"Ocean’s Eleven 2001" is one of the rare cases in filmdom where the re-make is actually better than the original and is actually a pleasure to watch. The filmmakers wisely chose Clooney as Sinatra's heir with his ultra-cool demeanor and velvet arrogance.

The film’s premise revolves around parolee Danny Ocean (Clooney) who plans to steal a cool $150 million from ruthless casino owner Terry Benedict (Garcia) as revenge for Benedict shacking up with his ex-wife (Julia Roberts). Ocean concocts an elaborate clockwork heist with 10 of his buddies including Damon, Pitt, Don Cheadle, Elliott Gould and Bernie Mac.

The supporting cast adds much needed color to the film with Cheadle as a demolition specialist with a botchy cockney accent and Mac as a larcenous Black Jack dealer whose biting comedic talents are under used in this outing.

However, with its state-of-the-art editing and cinematography "Ocean’s Eleven" hits the jackpot.



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