Movie Reviews: Nothing To Lose




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     Touchstone (1hr. 37 min.)
     An ad executive depressed over his wife's cheating on him gets hijacked by a petty thief.
     Martin Lawrence, Tim Robbins, John C. McGinley
Bottom Line:


     Tim Robbins, who usually directs or plays dark characters, stars as an ad executive who comes home early one afternoon and finds his wife in bed with his boss. From that point on, the plot gets pretty dumb. Robbins drives around town in a stupor, until he gets hijacked by down on his luck Martin Lawrence. Of course Robbins and Lawrence hate each other a first, but that just a set up for buddy pictures, right? The pair eventually join forces to pull of a big heist-- stealing a large sum of money from the safe of Robbins' boss. The only problem is there are other criminals that want the money.
     Nothing To Lose  has its funny moments, but Martin Lawrence is doing the same shtick he does in every film-- buck his eyes, yell four letters words and yank on his...well you get the point.
     Instead of an intelligent script that challenges Martin's acting ability, the audience is bombarded with comments and language which belong in a different kind of film.



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