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     After shooting his commanding officer, an Army soldier gets kicked out of the world, as he knows it.
     Ray Liotta, Ernie Hudson, Michael Lerner.
Bottom Line:


     In the year 2022, instead of state prisons, prisoners are incarcerated and mistreated in privately owned penitentiaries. Liotta is sentenced to one of the world's toughest penal institutions. However, he proves too troublesome for even that prison, so the warden places him on a island occupied by several hundred out-of-control prisoners that were abandoned by the system and left to die.
     No Escape is sort of Escape From New York  meets Mad Max. I had a hard time trying to buy Liotta as a two-fisted tough guy in this futurist thriller. He's too clean cut. He never seems to get too messy after a fun day of butchering people. This is the type of movie where you would expect to see Arnold Schwarzenegger, or that guy, what's his name, who plays Rocky and Rambo.
     Although this flick has the usual pit falls, predictability, corny dialogue and larger than life villains who like to laugh at their victims expense, No Escape  is action packed and has it's own style about it-- enough style in fact to make it worth a look.



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