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     Paramount (88 min.)
     A single father traveling with his daughter unwittingly becomes a pawn in an assassination
     Johnny Depp, Christopher Walken, Charles S. Dutton
Bottom Line:


     What sets Nick of Time  apart from your familiar action/suspense picture is its shtick. It's filmed in real time. (The length of the film matches the time frame for the events taking place on the screen.)
     Johnny Depp stars as nerdy accountant who is traveling by train, with his 6-year-old daughter, to Los Angeles for a job interview. No sooner than Depp and his daughter step off the train at LA's Union Station they're arrested by police impostors Christopher Walken and Roma Maffia.
     Walken kidnaps Depp's daughter and tells Depp if he wants to see his daughter alive again, he has 80 minutes to stalk and assassinate the governor of California (Marsha Mason) who is attending a conference at a nearby hotel. As Depp stalks Mason in the hotel he enlists help from people in the hotel, only to discover Walken is only a small cog in a huge conspiracy to kill the governor.
     Depp discovers Mason has commited the ultimate sin. She was elected as a conservative, but became a liberal-- therefore she must die instead of being voted out of office. Go figure.
     Depp manages to persuade hotel lobby shoeshine man and crippled war veteran Charles S. Dutton to help. Dutton's war injury, a wooden leg, comes in handy during the last act of the movie. Imagine that.
     Nick of Time is an exciting movie, but the real time filming gimmick is the real star.



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