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     MGM (2 hr.)
     Three teens are recruited by the police department as undercover cops.
     Omarr Epps, Claire Danes, Grovenni Rabisi
Bottom Line:


     Here's the big problem I have with The Mod Squad.  Beside the fact that it's another in a long series of 1960s television show rip-offs -- a Hollywood trend of late -- the writers or producers didn't even bother to update the title. Mod was a '60's term meaning modern. So for the '90s, the movie should have been called "The Hip-Hop Squad." Or the "Phat Squad." After all, the audience it's geared for (I would guess 13 to 26-year- olds) weren't even alive during the show's original broadcast, so nobody would have been the wiser. But with the exception of a kickin' hip-hop soundtrack, the 90's Mod Squad   plays like a 1960's television episode.
     Three "at risk" teens: Lincoln (Omarr Epps), Julie (Claire Danes) and Pete (Grovenni Rabisi), are recruited by the police to go undercover to bust a drug ring led by dirty cops. However, because of their criminal past, the honest cops in the department would like to see the trio in jail themselves instead of catching criminals. The only cop who believes in their ability is their Captain (Dennis Farina), who started the Mod Squad program as a second chance for troubled youths. Farina's philosophy is to "send one to catch one." But when Farina is murdered, the police believe the Mod Squad had something to do with it. So the trio goes deep undercover to find Farina's murderer, expose the department corruption and clear their names.
     I think I've seen this plot before -- too many times in fact.



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