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     Universal (1 hr. 31 min.)
     A super-villain recruits the Minions to help take over the world.
     Voices of Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Pierre Coffin
Bottom Line:

Tia Terlaje

After centuries of searching for a new boss to serve, the Minions tribe (who served the villainous Gru in two “Despicable Me” movies) fall into great sadness when their evil bosses experience demise after demise. Minion Kevin has a great idea to bring happiness to the tribe. He anoints himself to be a leader and set out of Antarctica to find a new villain to rule under.

With the help of fellow Minions Stuart and Bob (all voiced by Pierre Coffin), the trio set out on the quest, which lands them in New York City in the year 1968. They hitch hike with a very vibrant family of thieves to Orlando for the Villain-Con convention to hopefully meet Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock) - the world's first female Super Villain and her inventor husband, Herb (Jon Hamm).

Overkill has a competition for a predecessor to work side by side with her which, after a ruthless battle, the Minions win! She moves them to her fancy English castle, but quickly proves how vicious she really is. Scarlet threatens the little yellow guys into stealing the Queen’s crown so she can rule all of England!

The excitement continues throughout London and, yes you guessed it, ends despicably. There are plenty of laughs as the audience tries to understand Minionese, the jibberish, multi-blended language of the Minions. Funny and cute, enjoy the film with popcorn, candy and perhaps a banana.

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