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     Touchtone (120 mins.)
     A San Francisco police hostage negotiator, because the target of a killer.
     Eddie Murphy, Michael Rapaport, Michael Wincott
Bottom Line:


     I've felt for years that what Eddie Murphy needed for years was to let someone else produce his movies and just let Eddie worry about acting. Why? Because he's an actor, not a producer, director, ect. Ok, I got my wish with Metro, which a lot of my colleagues were luke warm about. I can see why. Metro  is a predictable police drama. Murphy is a wise-cracking cop. His partner is killed, so he defies his boss' orders and goes after the killer, who in turn, goes after him. We've seen it all before. However, I think Metro, if you can stand the violence, is better than the last Beverly Hills Cop  flick and that Jerry Lewis rip-off.
     At times Metro  can be exciting and funny, but its energy didn't have the staying power of let us say, Samuel L. Jackson's Long Kiss Goodnight. Murphy just needs the right script and the right director and he'll have a hit on his hands the size of 48 Hours and the first Beverly Hills Cop.



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