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     Paramount (1 hr. 44 min.)
     Martin Lawrence stars in another stand-up comedy concert film.
     Martin Lawrence
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Martin Lawrence’s "Runteldat" (translated: Run and Tell That), is Laurence’s answer to stand-up comedian Richard Pryor’s 1980’s concert film "Live On The Sunset Strip."

Those of us who are old enough to remember Pryor accidentally setting himself on fire at the peak of his comic career, will recall Pryor incorporating his drug-laden downfall into that concert film, resulting in a remarkable comeback.

Lately Lawrence’s films have fallen flat at the box office. And up until a few years ago, his fans might have expected to see the actor’s name gracing a police blotter or an emergency room roster rather than lighting a comedy club or theater marquee. Laurence, suffering from exhaustion, had been in one tabloid adventure after another, and for awhile it looked like his rising career might be over.

Like Pryor, Lawrence uses his highly publicized personal problems as therapy and comedic fodder. That shtick may very well launch his comedy comeback, because stand-up comedy is a great vehicle to showcase Lawrence’s talents. Fans might recall Lawrence’s brilliant concert film, "You So Crazy." If you can sit through the first half of the film, which stalls in a few places, Lawrence’s comic genius builds up steam for a side-splitting payoff.

Tossing political correctness out of the window, and using language bluer than the Pacific Ocean, Laurence addresses everything from horny delivery room fathers, to women, families and serves up hilarious insights into child rearing.

If you can get past Lawrence’s raunchy style, he does offer great laughs punctuated with serious commentary.



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