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     Tyler Perry Studios (1hr. 43 min.)
     Madea, Bam, Hatti and Joe face clowns, monsters and zombies on Halloween while babysitting a bratty teen girl.
     Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely, Diamond White, Liza Koshy, Bella Thorne, Lexy Panterra, Yousef Erakat
Bottom Line:

Khaleel Herbert

She’s baaaaack! Madea sucker punches clowns and fraternity boys in “Boo! A Madea Halloween.”

It’s Halloween and everyone is celebrating, including a college fraternity that is known for throwing spectacular Halloween parties on campus. Fraternity president and party animal Jonathan (Yousef Erakat) notices cute girls walking by the frat house. He and a few frat brothers bring out the welcome wagon to private school girls Tiffany, Aday, Leah and Rain (Diamond White, Liza Koshy, Lexy Panterra and Bella Thorne).

Jonathan asks the girls to come to the party. Tiffany, Leah and Rain are all in, but Aday (the local preacher’s daughter) has doubts. There is only one thing in Tiffany’s way: her father, Brian (Tyler Perry).

Brian warns Tiffany to stay away from the frat boys. Tiffany rolls her eyes and storms off. After discovering texts from Jon on her phone, Brian gets anxious. He calls in reinforcements, a.k.a. Madea!

Madea (Tyler Perry), Bam (Cassi Davis), Hatti (Patrice Lovely), and Joe (Tyler Perry) go to Brian’s house. After setting rules not to beat or spank Tiffany, Brian leaves. Tiffany devises a plan to scare the “old people” so she and Aday can go to the party. She tells them that the owner of the house died in it and every Halloween night, his spirit returns to kill someone.

Tiffany and Aday flee when they think Madea went to bed. Madea discovers they’re gone and storms out to the frat house.

“A Madea Halloween” parodies Halloween movies with creepy clowns, mysterious writing on bathroom mirrors and a zombie attack. It’s a fun Halloween movie that will have you laughing instead of screaming.

A funny scene is when Madea runs from a fleet of zombies. She escapes to a church in the middle of service. She asks to be saved. A woman tells Madea that all she needs to be saved is to believe in her heart and confess with her mouth that Jesus died for her sins. After the zombies are gone, Madea quickly decides to return to her old ways. The pastor says she was just saved. Madea says in a deep voice, “Getting saved is like getting a perm. Sometimes it don’t stick!

Tyler Perry has worked his magic again. “Boo! A Madea Halloween” will keep you in stitches from the swearing, jumping in fear and uncontrollable twerking.

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