Movie Reviews: Losing Isaiah




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     Paramount (1 hr. 50 min.)
     A white suburban couple adopt a black crack baby who was left in a trash can.
     Jessica Lange, Halle Berry, Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Bottom Line:


     Jessica Lange and Halle Berry deliver two outstanding performances as they fight for the same little boy. Berry, who is a great unsung dramatic actress, leaves her newborn in a trash can after getting high. Believing him dead, years later Berry cleans up her act, and discovers her child is alive living with a suburban white couple. Berry sues for custody, and the adoption is challenged in a bitter court battle.
     Not to give anything away, but instead of taking a stand one way or another, the writers obviously felt they'd written themselves into a corner, activated the wimp clause in their union contract, and took the easy way out in deciding the fate of Isaiah. I think they owed "you" the audience a decisive ending no matter what your feelings are one the controversial subject of black babies being raised by white parents. Writers, shame on you for cheating your audience.



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