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     Warner Bros. (2 hrs.)
     A white law professor defends a black man in a small southern town who is sentenced on death row.
     Sean Connery, Laurence Fishburn, Blair Underwood, Ruby Dee
Bottom Line:


     The first half of the picture begins as a riveting drama, about a black man (Blair Underwood) wrongly accused of murdering a little white girl. Underwood convinces retired lawyer, Sean "007" Connery, to quit teaching and come out of retirement to defend him before the state pulls the switch. Sounds good, right? Well that's about it.
     Because, the second half of the film turns into a contrived storyline with more twist than a pretzel. Laurence Fishburn plays a mean cop who takes an immediately dislike to Connery for trying to overturn Underwood's murder conviction. Through his investigation, Connery turns up Ed Harris another death row inmate, straight out of Silence of The Lambs, who says Underwood is innocent, because he raped and killed the little girl.
     Now I know what you're thinking, "With a cast like this, how could this movie miss?" Well, it wasn't easy. But it did. The film makers did not respect the craftsmanship and the compelling performances that Fishburn, Connery, Underwood, and Harris put into developing their characters. The film makers did not provide a plot worthy of the performances. Instead, they let the movie trail away with predictable plot twists that don't hide the fact that we know who the killer is halfway through the movie.



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