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     Fox Searchlight Pictures (1 hr. 36 min.)
     Nate Johnson takes his family cross-country to their annual family reunion/grudge match.
     Cedric the Entertainer, Vanessa L. Williams, Solange Knowles, Bow Wow, Chris Hardwick
Bottom Line:

Sakari Alighandhi

With all the fancy navigational gear installed in Nate Johnson’s (Cederic The Entertainer) SUV you would think the road trip from Los Angles to Caruthersville, Missouri would be a breeze.

Each year the Johnson’s travel for their family reunion and battle it out for the title of family of the year with Nate’s older brother (Steve Harvey) who’s always winning the trophy. This year Nate is facing more than just his brother, but his own family problems. Nate and his reluctant family set out to make it to his family reunion with his intent on winning the trophy.

While on the road, Nate tries to mend his broken relationship with his wife (Vanessa Williams), guide his wannabe rapper son’s (Bow Wow) future plans to more realist ones, and slow his too fast teenage daughter (Solange Knowles) down and keep track of his youngest daughter’s (Gabby Soleil) imaginary dog.

From dodging a crazy truck driver to picking up a hitchhiker, state by state the Johnson’s battle through their problems. By the time they make it to the family reunion Nate’s SUV is hanging together by the wires.

Despite their bumpy road trip the family gets through obstacles that bring them closer together.

The story line has a good message of support and family. Cederic plays a more serious role with fewer jokes as an upper-class father. Solange plays a typical teenage girl who likes to talk on her cell phone and wears less clothing than her parents would like.

Their youngest daughter is an angel compared to the troubles the other two cause on their trip. The movie lacks Cedric’s comedic abilities, but has enough adventure to keep you going.



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