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     MGM/Columbia Pictures
     Four friends undertake a diving expedition and discover more than treasures beneath the earth’s surface.
     Jessica Alba, Paul Walker, Scott Caan, Josh Brolin, Ashley Scott, Tyson Beckford
Bottom Line:

Samantha Ofole-Prince

An action-adventure thriller set in the deep, shark-infested waters of the Bahamas, Walker and Alba play Jared & Sam – young sweethearts who earn a side living salvaging artifacts from the ocean floor. Joined for a deep sea dive by buddies Bryce (Caan) and his latest flame Amanda (Scott), a striking blonde with a drug habit, they discover some valuable artifacts, a crashed cargo plane carrying dead bodies and a large stash of cocaine at the bottom of the ocean. Whilst Jared and Sam cling to their morals, Bryce and Amanda insist they sell the drugs and use the money to unearth the remaining treasures and find the legendary Zephyr ship, which is rumored to be buried beneath the ocean. The action kicks in when Amanda and Bryce, unbeknown to the others, try to sell a few kilos of the cocaine and inadvertently alert the suspicions of the Bahamian Mafia. Things get complicated and the hunters suddenly become the hunted.

Pitched directly at an undiscriminating younger audience for whom staring at the scantily-clad Alba and friends slithering through water to the accompaniment of a succession of pop music, "Into the Blue" is a long and lousy flick which lacks imagination and proper execution. The first few minutes are spent showing audiences tanned and taunt young folks frolicking in the sea and making out on boats to the extent that it questions a PG-13 rating and it’s an hour before any promise of action or suspense kicks in. The only thing marvelous about this water logged flick is that it captures the wonderful essence of the Caribbean and has some great underwater footage. Tyson has limited screen time and plays a member of the drugs cartel with a not too shallow Bahamian accent. If the idea of ogling at Alba as she swims through turquoise Caribbean waters in an ultra-skimpy bikini or watching Walker in his Abercrombie & Fitch shorts displaying his muscle toned body appeals to you, then this is certainly the flick for you.



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