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     Two young men attempt to get into college with the help of marijuana.
     Method Man, RedMan, Lark Voorhies
Bottom Line:

April Charmaine

How high can you get in a movie theatre? With Method Man and Redman blazing the screen, the contact high is infinite. "How High" is about an aspiring botanist Jamal (Method Man) and his friend Silas who tragically, yet cynically, dies in his sleep from a marijuana blunt caught in his hair.

This film is bound to become a classic for hip-hoppers, college kids, and cannabis tokers of America. Beside the fact that the actors get high in every scene, there is actually a story line that moves fast and funny. Two young men from the city have an opportunity of a lifetime; they have contact with a spirit who can give them all the answers to life—well at least scholastic answers. In order to get into college, they like every other student, have to take a scholastic aptitude test. With the help of their spirit friend, who appears when they smoke marijuana that was grown with his ashes, Method Man and Red Man pass with a 100 percent and end up being recruited to Harvard University.

This is where a series of ridiculous pranks, parties, and high times really roll in.

While the overall theme relates to growing and smoking "spirited" pot, there are some great tidbits pertaining to social awareness, sex, college ethics and politics. Moviegoers may be surprised by some of the high profile appearances in this movie,who are not associated directly with the hip hop world



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