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    Touchstone (1 hr. 53 min.)
     A prophet turns salesman for a failing home shopping network.
     Eddie Murphy, Jeff Goldblum, Kelly Preston, Robert Loggia, Jon Cryer
Bottom Line:


     Eddie Murphy has finally taken my advice. He's not producing and acting at the same time. Last year I begin my review of Murphy's Nutty Professor posing the question: "Remember when Eddie Murphy was funny?"
     In the past several years Murphy hasn't been as humorous as he was in 48 Hours and the original Beverly Hills Cop. Murphy, who can be a terrific actor, however, he can't balance producing and acting . Disney's Mulan is a perfect example of how funny and engaging Murphy can be when he's focused only on acting. In Holy Man, all of Murphy's energy goes into another great performance.
     Murphy, sporting an Isaac Hayes shape-up, plays "G," an inspirational guru who is accidentally run-over by home-shopping executive Jeff Goldblum, while wandering down a Florida highway. All Murphy owns are flowing white robes -- so forget about health insurance, money or a home. So Goldblum temporarily takes Murphy in to live with him. While Murphy is convalescing Goldblum, who is being chased by creditors and about to lose his job because of low ratings, discovers Murphy's unique charismatic and inspirational talent. Murphy is a godsend and just the shtick Goldblum needs to increase the show's ratings. So Murphy is hired to bring faith, religion and good shopping to millions of cable viewers.
     Holy Man is a side-splitting riveting comedy, which hangs on the clever banter and physical comedy between Murphy and Goldblum, who thinks his plan is perfect, however, Murphy uses the medium for more "prophet sharing" than selling.



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