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      A professional matchmaker's program is threatened by a female journalist who enrolls as a student and plans on publishing an exposé on his fradulent methods.
     Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James, Michael Rapaport, Ato Essandoh
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Will Smith stars as Alex Hitchins, or "Hitch" the ostensible "date doctor" of Manhattan. For a fee, Hitch aids smitten men in wooing the women of their dreams. Hitch promises homely, bumbling and socially inept men he can get them "there" in three dates. The "there," presumably is in love and "hitched" at the alter. Although Hitch makes his living creating love connections he is a commitment-phobe and bachelor who’s been hurt enough to not really believe in what he is selling. Until he meets Sarah Milas, Eva Mendez, a gossip column reporter.

At the beginning of the movie Hitch has taken on the most challenging job thus far. His new client is Albert Brenneman, played by "King of Queens" star Kevin James. The chubby and timorous junior tax consultant wants to woo millionaire heiress, Allegra Cole, played by Amber Valleta. Hitch gives Albert pointers on dancing, (don’t ever bite your lip), kissing, (you go in 90% and wait), and listening skills, (focus…daydreaming is for private time).

Despite her celebrity status Allegra falls for the awkward Albert, finding his clumsiness and comical dancing endearing. Meanwhile, the "doctor" is making his own love connection with Sarah Milas. While both allegedly scoff the idea of love due to past heartbreaks, two dates make them believers and a couple they fall in love.

Trouble ensues when Sarah discovers Alex is the anonymous date doctor. Not only does she feel betrayed, but believes he is a date devil, hired to help the sleazy male population get women in bed and leave them. Sarah publicly exposes him to her readership and Hitch feels the familiar unfair hurt of love. Sarah becomes downright vile, and Hitch stereotypically cold.

The misunderstanding and public ousting not only exposes Alex but the lovable Albert who Allegra has just fallen for. In typical romantic comedy form Hitch must believe in love again, clear his reputation and win the woman of this dreams. What do you think happens?

As romantic comedies go the audience will not be disappointed. Will Smith is a sexy and charismatic leading man who happens to be a talented comedic talent, slapstick in full form. On the other hand, I can’t help but think Smith will want to stretch his comedic wings with a project that displays to the audience the versatility and depth we have seen in "Six Degrees of Separation" and "Ali".



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