Movie Reviews: High Crimes




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     20th Century Fox (2 hrs.)
     A successful lawyer is shocked to learn her husband has committed a heinous war crime.
     Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, Bruce Davison, Tom Bower, Juan Carlos Hernandez
Bottom Line:


Ashley Judd is reunited with her "Kiss The Girls" co-star Morgan Freeman in an above average thriller about a happily married and successful lawyer trying to clear her husband (a former Marine) from charges filed in a classified military operation that went wrong in El Salvador 20 years ago that killed nine innocent civilians.

Despite having her doubts, Judd decides to defend her husband in a top-secret military court with the help of private investigator Freeman.

Judd and Freeman have great on-screen chemistry which makes any script flaws forgivable. The pair eventually stumble upon a government cover-up that reaches into the Marines' higher ranks which has tagged her husband as a scapegoat.

Predictable enough, Judd and Freeman have several close calls from government baddies trying to stop the investigation, which happed so frequently you can set your watch by them. But those things tend to happen in these kinds of movies. As Freeman’s character says, "Wake up and smell the napalm."



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