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     Dimension Films (3 hrs. 11 mins.)
     Two full length feature horror movies written by Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez put together as a two film feature, including fake movie trailers in between both movies.
     Kurt Russell, Rose McGowan, Rosario Dawson, Bruce Willis, Josh Brolin, Tracie Thoms
Bottom Line:

Laurence Washington

Warning: Don’t go to the concession stand during the intermission of "Grindhouse" – a wickedly entertaining double-feature flick by directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. If you do, you’ll miss a quartet of trailers that pay homage to 1970s "B" movies filmed with vintage lenses and old-style graphics punctuated by scrapes and scratches.

Wait a minute! The double-feature blood-splattering romp "Death Proof," directed and written by Tarantino, and "Planet Terror," directed and written by Rodriguez are chocked full of sluts, serial killers, zombies and psychopathic drivers. The two films were also filmed with vintage lenses and old-style graphics punctuated by scrapes and scratches – making it wonderful cheeseball squalor where anything-goes.

First up is Rodriguez's "Planet Terror" starring Rose McGowan as a Cherry, a stripper stranded in a small Texas town that is invaded by flesh eating zombies, led by Bruce Willis, who manages to gnaw off one of her shapely gams. But fear not. Cherry’s ex-boyfriend Wray (Freddy Rodriguez), fits her up with a machine-gun leg that mows down zombies by the bushel.

Tarantino's vehicle "Death Proof" is a high-octane thriller about a serial killer (Kurt Russell) named Stuntman Mike, who uses his muscle car "death-proof" to crash into cars driven by beautiful woman. However, karma catches up with Mike when he tries to run a muscle car driven by a stuntwoman off the road.

Tarantino and Rodriguez excellently capture the feel of cheap, horror exploitation flicks that used to play in rundown neighborhoods and drive-in theaters on Friday and Saturday nights 30 years ago. Babyboomers are going to feel like they’re joyriding in a "Wayback Machine," and Tarantino fans will get a healthy dose of the usual Quentinese – pop culture talk - sex and violence.



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