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     Paramount (1hr. 34 min.)
     Two high school kids, help turn a struggling hamburger joint, into a success.
     Kel Mitchell, Kenan Thompson, Sinbad, Abe Vigoda
Bottom Line:


     Good Burger  seems more like a sooped-up, after school television special. And why not? The comedy is the film version of the All That  comedy series Good Burger sketch on Nickelodeon. Good Burger is for kids.
     While it's cute and funny, it may be too cute for it's own good as far as adults are concerned. However, good humored adults should be able to squeeze a few yucks and chuckles out of the young script.
     Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson play the likable stars and Good Burger employees who join forces to save the small Good Burger hamburger stand from being swallowed up by a new giant hamburger joint called Mondo Burger that has recently opened across the street. Ed (Mitchell) comes up with a secret sauce to increase Good Burger's business that the neo-Nazi manager of Mondo Burger is willing to steal at any price.
     There is a lot of fast-paced comic-book action here and one-liners that hit right on the film's target audience (4 through 11-year-olds). Together, they make Good Burger tasty viewing.



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