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     TNT Cable (2hrs.)
     The story of the Matthew Henson and Robert E. Perry co-discovery of the North Pole.
     Delroy Lindo, Henry Czerny
Bottom Line:


     There is much contention about the factuality of this movie. Please understand that as a critic I can review a film for its quality in many areas, however, I have no influence on the historical accuracy of a film's content. That is an argument best taken up with the film's writers and directors. That said....

     Glory and Honor rediscovers the North Pole with Robert E. Perry and Matthew Henson. The cable movie shows how Henson was on nine Arctic expeditions. He learned to speak the language of the native Inuits,drive dog sleds, and navigate without instruments in the arctic.
     Czerny who usually plays a despicable government bureaucrat in such films Mission Impossible  and Clear and Present Danger,  gives an over-the-top performance in Glory and Honor. Despite his grand speaches, the man comes off as kind of a bore. (It could the real Robert E. Perry was also bore.)
     Lindo did such a believable job as Rodney in Spike Lee's Clockers, and does the same in Glory and Honor. Henson's story is an important one and this movie is one attempt at telling it.



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