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     Universal Pictures
     A record company executive is hired to accompany an out-of-control British rock star to a concert at L.A.'s Greek Theater.
     Sean Combs,  Russell Brand, Jonah Hill, Rose Byrne, Pink, Elisabeth Moss
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Samantha Ofole-Prince

“When I first found out there was a chance to be in a movie with Jonah Hill and Russell Brand, that was being produced by Judd Apatow,” says Sean Combs, CEO of Bad Boy Entertainment, “I would’ve given one of my arms to get the role.”

Combs is talking about his part in the classy little comedy “Get Him to the Greek” in which he plays an eccentric over-the-top record executive called Sergio. Comedy was a relatively new experience for the actor and this Apatow style of improvisation took a little getting used to.

“I know the character sounds similar to me in real life, but it’s really different. Sergio is crazier that I am,” continues Combs who brings a humorous edge to the movie.

A physical comedy romp with a string of well-done gags that’s both appealing and engaging, Hill plays a young record company executive who’s been assigned with the task of escorting an uncooperative musician to the world famous Greek Theatre in Los Angeles for a comeback concert.

Aldous Snow (Brand) is the brilliant rock-n-roll legend with a string of hits, but due to a bad breakup with singer Jackie Q (Rosie Byrne) he’s fallen off the wagon and is in a nihilistic downward spiral.  An eccentric rock star with a penchant for drugs, alcohol and bad behavior, he is as Sergio describes “the worst person on earth”.

Tasked with this career making assignment from his mogul boss, Hill’s character, Aaron, in his quest to deliver the rocker to the Greek is violated, inebriated, humiliated, incapacitated and medicated as he navigates through a minefield of mayhem, debauchery and decadence to get the madman to the Greek theatre.

Directed by Nicholas Stoller (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”), “Greek” has plenty of humorous twists, crazy scenes and catchy zingers that just keep coming. With lots of charm peppered with an eclectic sense of good humor, the verbal sparring between the reluctant pair, who run into all sorts of comedic trouble, is made even funnier with the addition of Combs.

“He’s shockingly funny in the movie,” claims Hill, “And is probably the most surprising performance because you see someone who’s know for being so serious just being hilarious.”

“Sean brings this whole crazy energy to it. We just started calling him the ‘McLovin of the movie’ because he’s just so funny,” chimes in director Stoller in reference to Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s breakout performance in the movie “Superbad”.

Brand, as Snow is also brilliant and embodies a true rock star complete with a boyish charm that works.

With cameos from Christiana Aguilera, Pink and Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich, “Greek” is an outrageously superb comedy with great chemistry and a lot of laughs.



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