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     Columbia Pictures (1 hr. 32 min.)
     A chemist and inventor of recreational drugs, recently released from prison, travels to England to sell his formula to the highest bidder.
     Samuel L Jackson, Robert Carlyle, Emily Mortimer, Rhys Ifans, Meat Loaf
Bottom Line:


Released a year ago in England under the title "The 51st State," I guess the filmmakers figured American audiences would like another title for some reason.

"Formula 51" answers the burning question:
"How does Samuel L. Jackson look in a kilt?"

The answer :
He looks like Samuel L. Jackson in a kilt.

The real question is:
"Why does he wear one during most of this movie when he doesn’t have to?"

Best guess answer:
Who knows?

The only thing known for sure is Jackson has reverted back to his "Pulp Fiction" roots in this high-energy action flick. Jackson plays Elmo McElroy, an American drug dealer in England and ex-con who plans to score $20 million for his super drug POS 51.

Elmo, who can be deadly with a set a golf clubs, and his soccer loving partner, Felix (Robert Carlyle), are pursued most of the movie by an female assassin (Emily Mortimer) working for an American drug king pin (Meat Loaf) who Elmo tried to blow up in the beginning of the film.

Directed by Hong Kong director Ronny Yu, "Formula 51’s" plot moves rather quickly over familiar territory and can get rather gross at times. If you consider flying excrement and flesh, gross. Yu tries to mix the high impact of Hong Kong action flicks with American crime drama. Although it’s entertaining at times, "Formula 51" or "The 51st State" (a rose by any other name) unfortunately just never quite jells.



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