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(2002, Columbia Tristar)
DVD Release date: July 8, 2003
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     Columbia Tristar (88 min.)
     Rap's answer to This Is Spinal Tap  (A fake documentary about a British Rock Group.)
     Mark Christopher Lawrence, Rusty Cundieff, Larry B. Scott
Bottom Line:


"Fear Of A Black Hat" is a side-splittingly funny mock documentary about the imaginary hard-core rap group NWH (Niggaz With Hats). The documentary goes "behind the music" with independent filmmaker Nina Blackburn, who tracks NWH's rise and fall from stardom.

In an explanation of their name, the group tells Blackburn that black slaves were forced to work hatless in the hot sun. As a result, they were too tired to rebel. "So what NWH is saying," says frontman Ice Cold, "is yo, we got some hats now."

As with real rap groups, NWH's songs and videos are intentionally shocking to the weak of heart. People who aren't rap fans might have a problem with the film's biting satire and parody songs "Guerrillas in the Midst" and "Booty Juice."

The film opens with Blackburn interviewing group members Ice Cold, Tone Def and Tasty-Taste about their new release.

Nina Blackburn: Your new album is "NWH: Fear Of A Black Hat."

Ice Cold: Right. But see actually that sh-- was suppose to be "NWH: Fear Of A Black Hat," subtitled "Don’t Shoot ‘Til You See The Whites."

Nina Blackburn: Of their eyes?

Ice Cold: Whose eyes?

Nina Blackburn: Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.

Ice Cold: No, no, no! Don’t shoot until you see the whites. Period. That’s it. End of story. You know what I’m saying? But the record company, they dogged us out. They wouldn’t let us put it on it.

Tasty Taste: Yeah. We should have busted a cap in their a--.

Tone Def: They’re always trying to censor our sh--.

Nina Blackburn: For instance, with the song "Kill Whitey."

Ice Cold: That sh-- was a whole big misunderstanding. They took the whole thing out of context.

Tone Def: They were trying to say we were advocating killing white people and sh--.

Nina Blackburn: Well, in the song lyrics I’m quoting: "He’ll rip you off. He’ll take your money, make you work for free. Though you may scoff. It isn’t funny. He’s the devil, see. Kill Whitey."

Ice Cold: Right. Now how can you listen to that and think we’re talking about killing all white people?

Tone Def: Fact. We were talking about one specific whitey. Whitey Deluca our ex-manager.

Tasty Taste: He ripped us off for 70 grand.

Ice Cold: That’s right. And Whitey Deluca wasn’t even white. He was Italian. He was one of those olive complexion MFs you know.

Nina Blackburn: If I remember correctly, he ended up murdered?

Ice Cold: We wasn’t in town when that sh-- happened.

Tone Def: Wait a minute, we were here.

Ice Cold: No, no, no. We were in Cleveland like a "mo fo" remember?

Tone Def: Oh, yeah.



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