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     Sydnee Stewart, Jordan Gelber and Stephen McKinley Henderson
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Everyday people is an excellent slice of life drama dealing with the impact loyal restaurant workers at a family owned Brooklyn diner experience when they are told the eatery is closing to make way for condos, trendy theme Hard Rock Café restaurants and stores such as the Banana Republic. With only a few weeks until closing, the film focuses on the reaction the mostly unknown, but captivating young black and Hispanic actors, feel about the closing and about to the young Jewish owner who is selling out. A lot of racial emotions rise to the surface. Mirroring real life, "Everyday People" doesn’t have a pat happy ending tied up in a nice little bow for its audience. Are there are no morals to the story. It ends open ended, true to life and it characters, a poet, a cashier, a cook, a parent and a realist carry on with whatever options they have.

Encore Dates: EST
6/26 9 p.m. HBO East
6/27 12 a.m. HBO West
6/29 9 p.m. HBO East
6/30 12 a.m. & 7:55 a.m. HBO West/4:55 HBO East
7/1 8 p.m. HBO2 East/11 p.m. HBO2 West
7/4 11 p.m. HBO East
7/5 2 a.m. HBO West/6:30 a.m. HBO2 East/9:30 p.m. HBO2 West



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