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    Touchtone (2hr. 10min.)
     An innocent man is hunted by government officials in a high-tech game of cat and mouse.
     Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Regina King, Jon Voight
Bottom Line:


     Call it, the Fugitive  meets Kafka as Fresh Prince Will Smith, a dapper attorney and family-man, is the target of a high-tech manhunt in Enemy of the State.
     The film begins with the murder of a congressman who standing in the way of a surveillance bill that's coming up in congress.  The government baddies, who want the bill passed, wiretap and kill everyone who opposes the bill.  Unknown to Smith, a former college buddy passes a video tape of the congressman's murder on to him before he's murdered.  Smith comes under investigation, and through computer technology, the government starts unraveling his life.
     Enemy of The State  begins as a techno-thriller, but since it's a Jerry Bruckheimer film, (Bruckheimer specializes in slow motion bombast and car chases) the film turns into a high-speed shoot 'em up chase film.  The film has a number of plot holes, but its high-energy makes its sins forgivable.  It's a great way to spend two hours on the edge of your seat.



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