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     20th Century Fox (1 hr. 50 min.)
     A talented Harlem high school drummer enrolls in a Southern university hoping to lead its drumline to a national championship.
     Orlando Jones, Nick Cannon, Zoe Saldana, Candace Carey, Jason Weaver
Bottom Line:


Newcomer Nick Cannon stars as Devon, a skin-bangin' prodigy who joins A&T’s marching band on a scholarship in "Drumline," a hip and sexy comedy about rival college bands trying to win BET’s Big Southern Classic band championship.

The crux of the story underlines Devon’s battle of wills with his section leader, Sean (Leonard Roberts) and the band’s leader Dr. Lee (Orlando Jones). Devon thinks the school’s music selection is outmoded and boring, and his flamboyancy constantly gets him in trouble with school officials.

OK. Admittedly, "Drumline" is a standard fish-out-of-water formula movie where you can pretty much guess how every scene will end, and how, each character will react.. But it works. Nick Cannon’s charisma carries the movie and the music and choreography is fantastic. I would have joined my college’s music department if I knew marching bands could be this cool. "Drumline" is a toe-tapping flick that hits the right notes.


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