Movie Reviews: Deep Impact




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     A comet about the size of Mt. Everest is on a collision course with Earth.
     Morgan Freeman, Robert Duvall, Tea Leoni, Vanessa Redgrave
Bottom Line:


     A ambitious newswoman (Tea Leoni) stumbles upon what she believes to be a Washington sex scandal involving a U.S. senator and a mysterious woman named Ellie. But it doesn't take long for Leoni to discover that Ellie is actually an acronym, spelled E. L. E., meaning Extinction Level Event. Suddenly she's whisked away by the Secret Service to a secret meeting with the president of the United States (Morgan Freeman).
     Freeman asks Leoni to sit on her story as she quickly learns the answers she's been seeking are bigger than the questions. Eventually, goes on TV to break the bad news to the world, that a comet is headed for Earth. Freeman is convincing as he tells the nation about the Messiah Project, which will send a manned U.S.-Russian space craft to plant nuclear bombs in the comet and blow it up. Believable special-effects that suggest its possible to land a space ship on a comet.



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