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     Warner Bros.
     Jaws 2000
     LL Cool J, Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Rapaport.
Bottom Line:


     One enduring characteristic about movie characters are, they never bother to go to the movies themselves. Or if they do, they never learn anything from their colleague's experiences.
     Take for example the sci-thriller Deep Blue Sea. OK, just for argument sake, let's say you're a billionaire (Samuel L. Jackson) whose decides to visit a remote marine facility to evaluate whether or not the millions of dollars you've been sinking (pardon the pun) into this laboratory's research to use shark-brain tissue to regenerate human-brain tissue actually works.
     When you arrive at the facility, you discover that you'll be stranded at the lab for the entire weekend with several top-notch researchers, because the other staff members plan to use the facility's only means of transportation, a boat, so they can spend the weekend with their families.
     Innocently enough -- right?
     Your first clue should have been: "I'm stranded on a remote research facility with nature's perfect eating machines -- sharks. Followed by your second clue: "I'm stranded with scientists who are genetically enhancing these shark's intelligence."
     Now if these movie characters ever bothered to see Jurassic Park or Alien (doesn't matter which Alien) they'd know the conditions were right for them to be the luncheon special.
     So naturally as the film progesses, there's an explosion and the laboratory begins to sink into the ocean (never mind what caused the explosion -- it's just a device to advance a weak plot along) and the sharks, who at times look "Saturday morning cartoon" enhanced computer animated, start picking off the scientists one by one as they make their way to the surface through the facility's flooded corridors.
     Many of Deep Blue Sea's scenes, especially at the beginning and at the end of the picture, look suspiciously retreaded from Spieberg's classic Jaws ('75). That's not to say that there aren't any knee jerk, jump-out-of-your-seat scenes. There are several nail-biting moments. But judging Deep Blue Sea as a whole, you'd probably have a better time staying home, buying some jiffy-pop and renting Jaws.



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