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     TNT (2hr.)
     A father of a convicted murder holds the jury hostage during the sentencing phase of the trial.
     Charles S. Dutton, David Caruso, Jo D. Jonz
Bottom Line:


     Charles S. Dutton plays a desperate father whose estranged son is convicted of murdering a wealthy businessman's wife in Deadlocked -- a pot-boiling thriller which starts off slow and predictable -- but gains legitimate momentum during the second half of the picture.
     Dutton, who hasn't seen or spoken to his son in years, is called upon to testify as a character witness on his son's behalf during the penalty phase of his son's trail. All the evidence points against Dutton's son, who won't say a word to defend himself. Dutton tells the jury that his son doesn't talk when he feels the world is against him. And he should know, because his son would shut him out too when he got angry.
     Dutton siezes a deputies' gun and forces the jury into the jury room and orders the DA (David Caruso ) to find evidence to clear his son of the crime within 24 hours or he'll start killing hostages. Deadlock's drama builds as Caruso fights to beat the clock and meet Dutton's deadline.
     Save for a slower first act, Deadlocked is an excellent drama.



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