Movie Reviews: Dead Presidents




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     Hollywood Pictures (1 hr. 42 min.)
      A black Vietnam vet finds it difficult to adjust back into white America.
     Larenz Tate, Keith David, Chris Tucker
Bottom Line:


     Larenz Tate impressively plays a '60s high school grad who uses the Army to find his manhood. But when he returns from Vietnam, he discovers that he's a casualty of war. Tate can't find a job, he has nightmares of Vietnam, and he can't keep a relationship. In desperation, Tate returns to the pool hall where he used to hang out, and asks the owner (Keith David), who was also his mentor, for help. David says he's hustling for a living himself and can just barely keep his head above water.
     Finally, to feed his family, Tate organizers a bank heist that goes awry with several of his war buddies and David.
     Dead President's  follows Tate through his tough life growing up in Brooklyn, through the Vietnam conflict, and finally his return home. Dead Presidents  is a sincere picture about inter-city life after Vietnam. At times the movie gets a little too gritty. The 24-year-old Hughes Brothers didn't pull any punches -- especially in the Vietnam war scenes. Victims are racked, packed, sacked and gutted. You see it all, and it shocks.



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