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     Columbia Tristar
     Two bumbling fathers take over a struggling summer day camp and learn a few lessons about wilderness survival.
     Cuba Gooding Jr., Lochlyn Munro, Richard Gant, Tamala Jones
Bottom Line:

Samantha Ofole-Prince

All the key players have changed in this sequel to the smash hit “Daddy Day Care,” which initially stared Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin as two clueless fathers who trade in their executive jobs to start a kid’s day care.  In “Daddy Day Camp,” Gooding replaces Murphy whilst actor Paul Rae is the new Garlin and the day care is now a day camp -- Camp Driftwood to be exact in a sequel which is low on laughs and filled with dour humor.

After losing half the day care kids to graduation and local day camps, Charlie (Gooding) and Phil (Rae) take their own kids to their childhood summer camp for a zany adventure, but on arrival they discover the camp is in an extremely bad shape. Methane problems exist in the outhouse and Camp Driftwood has lost a lot of kids to the new grand Camp Canola located right across the street which is run by Charlie’s smarmy arch nemesis Lance Warner (Munro), who humiliated  him at the 1977 Summer Camp. When Charlie leans that Camp Driftwood is facing foreclose he decides to buy the camp and restore it to its original charm and beat the rival Camp Canola, but this proves to bigger challenge than anticipated. Nothing goes as planned and when the men realize they have bitten off far more than they can chew, Charlie calls in his estranged father Marine Corps Colonel Buck (Grant) to help get the camp back in shape.

Television director Fred Savage who has spent several years directing kid’s comedies makes his feature film debut in this predictable sequel and claims he had no reservations tackling a sequel with a completely new cast.  “I feel like we were part of a franchise that was very popular which the parents trust and the kids enjoy and coming into our movie you know the characters and their background so we have all that going for us,” says Savage.  Snakes, spiders, skunks, wedgies, tantrum, throw-ups and groin kicks pretty much sum up this sequel.

With cute, cuddly little actors, “Daddy Day Camp” is a harmless and unpretentious flick which despite being riddled with formulaic humor is devised to keep just kids entertained.



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