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      Enter again...or rather...exit the off-spring.
     Brandon Lee, Ernie Hudson, David Patrick Kelly.
Bottom Line:


     Brandon Lee's final performance is about a young rock musician who is murdered, then brought back to life by a crow to avenge his and his girl friend's death. Never mind where the crow came from. The fact is, we wouldn't have a title without him. Anyway, through most of the picture, Lee looks like a demented mime from hell, but how else are you suppose to scare the bad guys before you kill them?
     As you probably know, Lee was tragically killed while making The Crow, but the real tragedy is, Lee could act. He told me during a 1992 interview that he wanted to stretch his acting abilties by doing comedies and dramas-- to get away from the action "B" movies. He never got the chance.
     It's a shame his life was wasted on a film that really doesn't pass the Biz Quiz. Oh I guess The Crow is entertaining enough. It's a dark film in the tradition of Blade Runner and Batman, but it's not as artistic or ambitious. Even though there is plenty of action, the director took little advantage of Lee's martial arts skills. Too bad.



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